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Project Joy arrived into the new year with much the same excitement and “fireworks” as any traditional New Year’s celebration.

Practice opportunities are being offered one after another, sparking wonder and enthusiasm, inviting us to participate wholeheartedly, living from the voice of Intelligence that Animates.

We have emptied our teacup and we are shifting from content to context, moving from the mental sheath to the wisdom sheath. From the wisdom sheath we are at the portal of the place of pure bliss. It feels as though the path is clear and the excitement mounts as I embark on this new (old) journey of exploration and adventure.

I also see so clearly how Recording and Listening supports me in identifying where I am on the path. Getting stuck in content, getting bogged down in negativity, and taking things personally are all indicative of the “mental sheath.”

When identified, I can feel the energy being sucked out of the body and a resistance towards any forward movement. With the Project Joy daily support assignments, I am accumulating so many wonderful, powerful recordings. I can turn on the recorder and listen to the Mentor speak with joy, compassion, and kindness — refocusing my attention to the present moment and taking me to the wisdom sheath.

I can mentor myself by a daily practice of listening, reflecting, and exploring what’s available to this being from Whole Mind. This place of wholesomeness becomes an invitation to step into the space where there is no separation—where I can experience wisdom pouring into the body to experience the transcendence into pure bliss.

We have so many tools to stay on the path: meditation, the radio show, our daily Project Joy phone calls, retreats, workshops, and so much more. We are so privileged to have this very personal Recording and Listening practice. Here is where our spiritual life and our personal life merge. As content flows through and conditioning pulls us from one topic to the next throughout the day, we have our recorder handy to keep us on our path.Gasshō


  • Explore how we move from context to content and back to context again. See if you can identify a process and make a recording about it. If you feel stuck in content, consider making a left-hand, right-hand recording. (Click here to read The Power Tool article about the two-handed recording.) 









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