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I’ve noticed that one of the biggest bamboozles egocentric karmic conditioning tries to con me with in regards to Recording and Listening is “You can do it later.” Just this morning I was listening to random recordings and I heard one that outlined this conditioned process perfectly.

It goes like this: Maybe I’m reading an email class or listening to Open Air and feel inclined to record something that inspires me. There is always an immediate reaction from ego, saying “Wait a minute! Is that important? Maybe sit with it and make a recording later. Or wait until something more interesting arises to record about.”

Conditioning tries to get me to procrastinate and noodle in my head so that I don’t record. But what I want to remind myself of is this: Just do it! Make the recording. Now. It is essential to pick up the recorder, turn it on, and let Life speak in that moment. Because any assessment or question of “Is this worth it? Is this important?” is simply ego trying to keep me from following Life’s energy.

Conditioning wants me to believe it’s about the content of whatever I was thinking about recording. It is ego trying to train me not to listen and not to follow through with Life’s guidance.

But I’ve experienced time and time again that the energy lives in following through with intuitions and guidance from Life. It is that seamless movement from inspiration to turning on the recorder that is life-affirming, energizing, alive, and full of surprise.

Almost every time I “just do it” and press record, Life shows up with unexpected brilliance. When I listen back to those recordings, there is an energy of pure presence that is so joyful to hear — and calibrate to!

Now that I’ve seen through this con job many times over AND have recordings to remind me of it, I don’t hesitate when Life says, “Record this.” I just pick up the recorder and let Life speak.


  • This week, listen for the nudges from Life to record insights, gratitude, inspirations, and joyful moments. If egocentric karmic conditioning tries to get you to “wait til later,” don’t listen! Simply pick up the recorder, hit play, and choose Life. 







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