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One of my favorite ways to practice with Recording and Listening is in the morning after meditation. I pick a card at random from the deck associated with What Universe Are You Creating? by Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan.

When I first started this practice, I would read the passage in the book and then record. Now I pick the card and start recording. I could never have thought of all that arises from Life in response to a particular word. The recording can touch on what the word means, how it feels, how it’s associated with something else we’re looking at in Practice, what I recorded about yesterday, what I saw in meditation, etc.

In short, the conversation opens the portal for Life to communicate. At some point I may read parts of the chapter associated with that word into the recorder. Often that inspires more recording about what I’ve seen in relation to the passage.

This practice is a great way to start the day because no matter what happened overnight or how I felt when I got up, I have this opportunity to redirect my attention to Life.  It’s reassuring to have a specific tool to touch into the wisdom, love, and compassion that animates. I feel more prepared for whatever the day brings when I start out this way. 

As I listen back to the recording I make each day, I’m reminded of the clarity and insights that I experienced while making the recording. I resonate with that clarity and I can choose to direct my attention to the place from which the recording was made. It reminds me of how I want to be with this human and how I want to go through my day.

Lately I’ve also made recordings at the end of the day about what worked. It’s a great way to close the loop, to touch back in to how the day began, and to support this continuing practice.



  • Make a morning recording by picking a card from the deck What Universe are You Creating? or by choosing a word that is inspiring or supportive. See what drops in for you about that word as you record. Listen throughout the day and record new insights as they arise.


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