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Lately I have been going through a training that involves many one-on-one sessions online or on the phone. I notice that before every meeting there is a feeling of fear and insecurity which arises. I know that conditioning has been trying to take hold of these calls and tell me ahead of time how everything is going to turn out!

Life dropped in the idea of trying a Recording and Listening practice right before each of these calls. So, I took out my trusty recorder and made a commitment with myself that before every call, instead of having conditioning telling me how it was going to go, I would turn to the Mentor to assist me in hearing what was real.

It would be a practice in trusting that Life, in its infinite wisdom, had the only information that I needed to hear. I made sure to schedule in the extra time on my calendar before each call for that most important R/L practice that would change my whole relationship with this training and myself.

What happened as a result of this commitment to R/L? Well, it was like having my own personal coach inside my head who was rooting for me, assisting me, loving me, and believing in me.

The calls were wonderful and making the recordings and listening to them before the calls was a tremendous support. It turned out to be one of the biggest kindnesses I could have given myself. My attention turned toward the Mentor’s words and away from indulging in the story from conditioning that was causing so much self-doubt and fear.Gassho


  • Next time you have a call, class, or anything you are feeling nervous, anxious, or fearful about, take out your recorder and record what is true and real about you in that moment. Let the Mentor hold your hand and support you through the process. Listen back as many times as you can before your meeting, call, or class. If you do enough of these recordings, you can listen back to ones you made earlier so that you are always pleasantly surprised by all the wisdom and love that is walking with you into that meeting. Enjoy!


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