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Practice is so kind!

On Wednesday, April 18, Sangha celebrated International Day of No Self-Hate.

That day, when I noticed judging, hateful voices arise, I would turn on my recorder and say what was true in that moment. I would redirect my attention to the breath, sensations in the body, sounds or sights around me, and gratitude to be in THISHERENOW.

When I dropped the voices in this way, I popped right back into kindness and presence, available and open. 

It was such a good practice to be here for me. I was curious to try it again. Thus, as an experiment this year, I am choosing every Wednesday as a “Day of No Self-Hate.”

What I have been noticing is that the voices have been very quiet, keeping a low profile and sometimes even silent. When I have one day to focus like this on no self-hate, I feel like a sleuth on the lookout for it. I show up, am curious, aware, and am even playful about it.

I have noticed that self-hate can slide in when I am tired or hungry so I am also paying more attention to what conditions I need to support my physical well being. Last Wednesday, I hardly heard a peep from self-hate and almost got bamboozled into thinking I had missed something. Then it dropped in to make a recording about that, too. I saw that self-hate simply does not hold up under the scrutiny of Awareness Practice and it certainly disappears when confronted by Recording and Listening and the Mentor.

  • Pick a whole day or half a day to practice no self-hate for yourself. Anytime you notice being distracted by negative thoughts of self-hate, drop them by picking up your recorder and saying what is true in the moment. Remember to listen to your recordings at the end of the day and make one more recording about your direct experience and insights from that day to listen to encourage you to try it again some other day. What a gift of kindness!


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