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Thanks in large part to Recording and Listening, I realized conditioning was frequently catching me in a story about living in the “wrong life.” Maybe if I had a different career, had a better practice, lived at the Monastery, etc.,  then I’d be living the “right life.”

Whoa! What an energy drain. After about the 500th time, I heard myself talking about that on the recorder. Life dropped in the idea of making a recording wholeheartedly committing to THIS life — the one I’m living, the one happening right now.

If Life wants me to do something differently, ever-expanding faith has taught me that Life will let me know. So in the meantime, it sure feels like it might be a kindness to STOP indulging a story that causes self-doubt, low energy, and a general lack of lit-up-ness.

I made a recording, reminding me about all of the great things in my life – things I LOVE, people I LOVE, all of the amazing gifts each day brings through nature, laughter, opportunities to participate, and so much more.

And guess what? When I listen regularly, I fall in love with this life. I don’t waste time putting the brakes on “in case I’m living the wrong life,” I just go headlong into participating here and now, trusting that Life will tell me if anything needs to shift. Attention is directed to what is true and real and working in Life, and away from that constant dissatisfaction narrative. Freedom!

{Note: this blog post is reprinted from 4/8/14.}

  • Does conditioning have you in one of those familiar stories about how something is “not working” in your life?  BUST OUT!  Talk to the Mentor, and record about what is actually true. Commit here and now to stop indulging that tired, old, untrue conversation and to listen regularly to the truth. R/L                                                                                                                                                                                      

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