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One of the most exciting aspects of Recording and Listening for me is the beauty of having an instant experience of shifting from duality to presence AND having those insights available at any time.

Recording and Listening is one of the fastest ways that I have ever encountered to direct the experience.  

In my line of work, I get to offer Recording and Listening as an opportunity to transcend whatever issue might be occurring for a person —  or in the language of Practice, “to transcend suffering.” It is always magical when someone chooses to say “yes” to having their own experience, and then see the benefit for themselves from whatever unfolds in that experience.

With Recording and Listening, I have experienced listening to insights come through that I have never heard before or articulated before (or getting to hear or see something being offered from the Mentor on a different level) is all so beautiful, supportive and authentic.

Just as karma and egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate are tailor-made for each person, so is the information that the Mentor and Life are able to offer through a Recording and Listening practice.

The more I choose to Record and Listen, the more an experience of inherent trust and adequacy is revealed as reality, rather than stories that ego-I concocts to lure me into suffering.

One has to try Recording and Listening to have their own experience and see what is so for themselves. That is the power of Awareness Practice.



  • Making a recording during times when you are filled with gratitude (enjoying a cup of tea, feeling the ground under your feet, watching squirrels scamper about) can be a powerful way to get back to gratitude when you are identified with something wrong/not enough.



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