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I have found that developing regular habits is key to everything.

I know that often in everyday life, habits can be things we develop and do unconsciously. However, when we refer to habit in awareness practice, we are talking about something we do with conscious awareness. That’s what I mean for the purposes of this article.

Here’s an example: for Recording and Listening, I have made it a habit to record regularly in the morning. It provides me with an opportunity to see where I am. Doing the recording itself makes explicit the state I’m in, and the processes I am seeing. I also have a habit of recording every time I am triggered by conditioning. This is a wonderful thing! Something happens, I realize that I am “off,“ and I remember I must begin recording in order to make the move back to Center. These habits support me every day.

There’s another R/L habit I’ve developed that has been very supportive. During the work week, I have a regular schedule that supports me: time for work, time with my family, and awareness practice commitments. On the weekend, however, with my time less structured, I find it harder to stay present.

Given that, I’ve established the R/L practice of “constant listening” on the weekend. I put the bluetooth in one ear, and I play this recording on loop: “Your goodness is already established.” (In fact, I’m doing it right now!) I keep the recording on a low volume, and it doesn’t interfere with my activities or talking with family members. And when it’s quiet again (no one nearby talking), my attention turns immediately to the recording that is constantly reminding me that my goodness is already established. And I leave a pause after the recording so that I can reflect the recording back to the universe.

How great is that?!



  • What “habit” can you introduce for yourself with Recording and Listening? Do you pick a regular time each day to record? Do you make a commitment to listen regularly to an archived recording from Practice? Remember to set the bar low! When we approach Practice from a “want to” place, that helps us to be successful.




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