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Each year during the week of Thanksgiving, I visit my family of origin and am struck by how time with family has deepened in direct correlation with Recording and Listening practice.  

I can remember years ago, whenever I would sense judgment by a family member, I would react by criticizing that person with words that brought instant regret. 

Now the immediate feedback of feeling the body contract gives me the opportunity to choose a different experience. What do I want instead? Connection.  

I know through practicing R/L that the fast track to connection is gratitude. I made a commitment to use the cue of criticism to redirect attention to gratitude and appreciation, by using the recorder. Recording gratitude and appreciation for this human being first, then others. And then … listening back.   

Over the years, not only did I get to experience greater gratitude for this human being, but surprisingly it felt like others, including family, were no longer judging me. Hmm… interesting when considering projection.  

This reminds me of the quote, “the same eyes in which I see God, God sees me.” It also reminds me of a quote of Cheri’s, “The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention.”  With the attention on gratitude and appreciation, we receive gratitude and appreciation.

A few months ago, talking to the family member that I referenced earlier in this writing, she said, “I watch you becoming happier and happier. What are you doing?” I told her the secret: “practicing Recording and Listening, which assists in directing attention to things I want, like happiness.”   

I had mentioned the Recording and Listening practice many times previously, and this time I suggested that if she wanted to experience the benefits, to sign up for a Recording and Listening six-week course.

She signed up, participated, and started cultivating a practice of directing and re-directing attention and accessing the wisdom, kindness, and compassion within.   

During my recent stay with her, now having the R/L practice in common, we sat together in the evening and talked about what we loved about the day — with both recording devices recording. Listening to these on the way home, reliving the magic of receiving the exquisite life we have been given— not only through the lens in which I see life, but also hers— was truly the best gift received.



  • Practice receiving the Life you have by recording at the end of the day what you loved about the day.  Make recordings with loved ones: simply press “record,” and talk about what was enjoyable about the day. Consider gifting a loved one with the Recording and Listening six-week course available through Living Compassion. Share the benefits of receiving this precious Life we are given, through Recording and Listening practice. 




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