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The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention.
— Cheri Huber

The Tool: Recording and Listening

Recording and Listening (R/L for short) is a simple and powerful tool for focusing the attention, clarifying the life we want, and taking steps to realize that life. Whatever our experience, from elation to despair, we can learn to access and receive guidance from the Wisdom, Love and Compassion that is our Authentic Nature. R/L can help with any issue—developing an exercise program or a nourishing lifestyle, overcoming addictions, by-passing procrastination, letting go of anxiety, dealing with difficult relationships, (add your own).

Course Descriptions

Living Compassion offers two Recording and Listening courses. The first, Introduction to Recording and Listening, is a prerequisite for the second, True Reflections.

Introduction to Recording and Listening
If we’re like most conditioned humans, and we are, our constant companion is egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate, a false, lying, miserable, bitter, bored, naysaying, anxious, resentful, punishing, know-it-all-voice-in-the-head that harangues, hates, laments, judges, criticizes, condemns, blames, and finds fault with us and the circumstances of our existence. But we don’t have to go through life saddled with a relationship we’d rather not be in. With R/L, we can stop attending to the voices of ego and journey through life in friendly association with Wisdom, Love, and Compassion. Introduction to Recording and Listening provides the framework and skills to develop an R/L practice.

True Reflections
After learning the practice of Recording and Listening, it can become just another tool in our practice tool kit or it can catapult us into living the life of our dreams. Through True Reflections, we practice bringing ALL of life into Recording and Listening and unleashing its true magic for seeing and BEING our True Nature.

Both of these engaging courses include Recording and Listening exercises interspersed with time for questions and group processing. Outside of class there are practical assignments for building confidence in and mastery of the R/L practice.

The courses consist of six 60-to-75-minute calls, once a week for six weeks. A digital recording device is required.

Begin living the life you want now with Recording and Listening courses.

For individual Recording and Listening training, email for information on working with a Trainer.