What You Practice Is What You HaveOne of the first places to start if you are new to a Recording and Listening practice is to read Cheri Huber’s book, What You Practice is What You Have: A Guide to Having the Life You Want. This book is an amazing resource and offers a section to inspire and jumpstart your R/L practice, “Thirty Days of Exercises: A Self-Guided Workshop.”

Here are three excerpts from the book:

  • The more we listen to our recordings, the more we recognize that centered place as who we are and the more bogus egocentric karmic conditioning's conversation sounds. From that centered place, we can begin to hear: “Oh, those voices, they just repeat and repeat and repeat. It’s not helpful and, actually, I’m not listening to it — which means I’m not caught up in it! Which means I must be something different from what I always thought I was! I’m beginning to sense the difference between my authentic being, that which animates me, and that conditioned tape loop, that bizarre tapestry of misinformation the voices tell me I am.
  • It would seem a simple thing in this age of micro-devices to make a recording and carry it around with you, wouldn’t it? But the voices of self-hate can talk us out of it, wipe from consciousness any memory of our desire to do it, and, if sometime later we do remember, beat us mercilessly for forgetting. So it’s crucial to take making the recording out of the hands of self-hate.
  • Until you get started, you might hear voices saying:
    "This will be a lot of work."
    "It’s too hard and complex for you."
    "You’ll never listen to it anyway."

    Please trust me on this: if you do it, you will love it, it will not be hard work, and you will have an experience of your responding in a way that will likely surprise you a lot.

Listen to these guided imageries from the book.


Statements of Intention

The Gap

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