Best Times to R/L

When is the best time to Record and Listen? Any time and as often as you can! 

There are two things to watch out for: “I’ll do it later” and “There’s a better time than this.”  To the voices, the best time is never now. They say, "Oh not now…it's too'll be late…do it later." The thing to notice here is that the best time never comes.

Here are fun and helpful tips for times to Record and Listen:

  • R/L when you travel or commute. In the car, on a flight, in public transit, while walking the dog, standing in line at the grocery store — all are great R/L times.
  • R/L no matter how you feel. Don’t wait to record when “the time feels right.” Practice recording or listening when you feel depressed, happy, grateful, angry, dissatisfied.  The trick is to train yourself to pick up the recorder no matter what!
  • Sneak some recording in. Leave a difficult meeting or a stressful family situation. Sneak into the bathroom, the office supplies closet, or the backyard. Do a quick check-in with the Mentor in these difficult moments.
  • Listen while you sleep. If you’re one of those people who wake up in the middle of the night with nasty voices, it can be helpful to have a constant recording going so that you hear kind words letting you know things are all right and you are cared for. If you can't play your recordings from a speaker, do an online search for "sleeping with headphones" for tips on making that comfortable.
  • Bookend your day with R/L. Record in the morning and listen at night. Record your intentions for your day as soon as you wake up. Record your gratitude list at night before you sleep. Or try recording a loving, good morning message to yourself before bed to wake up to the next day.
The voices' standards about when is the best time only serve to restrict your R/L possibilities. Any time is a great time.