Experiencing Presence

Life happens NOW. Giving attention to the conversation in conditioned mind causes us to miss our lives. During this two-week training, we will be using our trusty recorders to hone the skill of directing the attention to thisherenow and the experience of presence.

Participation Goal
This is a self-guided R/L Practice Intensive. Each day, read the prompt first thing in the morning. You may want to print it out and post it where you will see it frequently, carry it in your pocket, or record it. Throughout the day, practice with this prompt. Record at least once what you see.

Today's topic: Day 1
Pay Attention

When we are practicing awareness & paying attention, we have our best opportunity to see that what we are is awareness, not the content of awareness. What is seen is irrelevant; the seeing is everything. Today, practice paying attention to "being awareness" and R/L what you see.

Today's topic: Day 2

Saying thank you is an excellent practice & prayer. We don't need to know who or what we are thanking; the act of saying thank you will take us where we want to live. Today, carry your recorder with you and record all the people, things, and experiences for which you are thankful.

Today's topic: Day 3

Conditioning would have us believe that the good/right person thing to do is to be critical of oneself while being generous & kind to others. But if we want to live in a kind world and offer a kind world to others, we must first create that world for ourselves. Today, offer random acts of kindness to yourself and R/L about how it feels to be generous in this way.

Today's topic: Day 4

We don't need to be squelched to be respectful, beaten to be polite, or humiliated to be courteous. We can allow life force to flow freely. Holding back serves nothing but suffering. Today, practice expressing exuberance in ways that feel authentic to you and compassionate toward all. Capture that exuberance on your recorder!

Today's topic: Day 5

When we practice awareness we begin to notice how the Intelligence that animates Life is "speaking to us," guiding us in each moment. Today, practice noticing information that drops in from Life versus the "answers" that come from the voices. R/L how it feels to exercise intuition and follow Life's guidance.

Today's topic: Day 6

When we are HERE, when our thoughts, words, and deeds are Life's expression, we are happy and grateful and live in wellbeing. Happiness is pure presence, with none of our attention given to conditioning. Today, can you practice cultivating happiness by being present? R/L a happy song of presence.

Today's topic: Day 7

Much of our education, in support of conditioning/self-hate, is to be the expert, to be right, to have the answers, to know. But each moment is new and nothing repeats. The Spirit of Inquiry encourages us to relish not knowing. Today, practice living in "I don't know" and R/L the experience of living in curiosity.

Today's topic: Day 8

All too often we forget that we can choose the life we want in any moment, that all we need to do is direct attention away from what we don't choose to what we do choose. Today, practice directing attention toward Life and away from karmic conditioning and experience the life you have. Record and listen to your experience of choosing Life.

Today's topic: Day 9

Everything evolves. All forms modify, adapt, transform. Nothing is permanent. It is possible to accept and embrace impermanence, but we are conditioned not to. If change is suffering only when we resist it, we can practice acceptance. Today, have a conversation with the Mentor to support you in being with the changes happening in your life.

Today's topic: Day 10

Equanimity is a state of unconditional acceptance, the ease and understanding that comes from seeing a bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture allows us to accept everything that is, as it is. Today, when you might be feeling a sense of right or wrong, can you practice stepping back into unconditional acceptance? R/L what arises.

Today's topic: Day 11

Despite the threats and dire predictions of the voices of egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate, we have always been equal to every moment of our lives. Today, pay attention when ego tries to convince you that you are not adequate. Make a recording that reminds you that you are already everything you need.

Today's topic: Day 12 

Pleasure and enjoyment don't come from the outside in, they come from the inside out. Pleasure is how being present to Life living feels. "Enjoy" is what the body, mind, and emotions do when we are present in thisherenow. Today, R/L your awareness of moments of pleasure. What is your experience of enjoyment?

Today's topic: Day 13 

Celebration is available to us when we step free of comparison and judgment. We can celebrate each expression of Life, each circumstance that arises. This is how we have a good time, no matter what. Today, celebrate things you might not normally celebrate. Celebrate everything. R/L about this experience.

Today's topic: Day 14 
Unconditional Love

Awareness Practice, what the Buddha taught, is a path that takes us from the conditional to the Unconditional, from separation to no separation, from ego to All. Today, can you experience presence within Unconditional Love? R/L about the process of moving from "me" to "we" and how that transforms suffering.