Recording and Listening Blog

November 1, 2020

Over the last few months in one of the Sangha retreats, we have been looking at how we want to be with weekly commitments and watching the process of how we are with what unfolds around the commitments.

Out of this process came the practice of pausing to ask, “What Now?” Then, we listen to the Mentor for guidance.

Utilizing different Recording and Listening tools has been a fun way to receive information that drops in. Sometimes it is doing a two-handed recording in facilitation of a next step, sometimes it is recording the insights and experiences that come after following the guidance from the “What Now” question. Other times, it is simply having the recorder on while doing what is asked in the moment of “What Now?” It can often feel like being on an adventure with your best friend while attending to what is!

My experience turns from being identified with ego’s “I don’t want to, this will be too hard, I don’t have enough time, what will they think” to one with Life.

It feels like the clouds lift, sunshine flows through, and there is plenty of time, space, delight, and energy. I project it feels like the place the Guide speaks of at times where nothing and everything has changed all at once.

The opportunity to practice in showing up for a task or commitment with the help of Recording and Listening is transformative.

Through the power of repetition and picking a commitment/content, it became clear that it is all about the process. Continuing to show up, pause, and ask “What Now?” with the various ways to Record and Listen is a kindness that can be applied with all content and commitments,  from specific workshop commitments to answering emails. What a gift!Gasshō

  • Try This! When Life offers a practice opportunity, try asking “What Now?” into one hand with the recorder and then put the recorder in the other hand and record from the Mentor what drops in around that opportunity. When it feels complete, stop the recorder and listen back.                                                                                                                               

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