• Earbuds, worn inserted in your ear, are easy to carry around with you and can be worn relatively discreetly. If you want to record (as well as listen) on-the-go, look for a set with a built-in microphone.
  • Bluetooth headsets allow you to R/L without wires running to your recorder. Parents of small children have suggested that these are a wonderful option since little hands love to grab the wires on regular headphones.
  • Over-the-ear phones can be a good choice if you’re uncomfortable with earpieces in your ear. While they can also help keep outside sound out, when carried around they’re bulkier and easier to damage than other options.
  • Many folks love to listen to their recordings all night long as they sleep in order to stave off conditioning’s favorite middle-of-the-night scare tactics of fear, worry, and anxiety. Companies now make “SleepPhones,” which are soft headbands with small speakers in them. Ask at your local electronics store or search online for “headphones for sleeping.” We have had a good experience using RunPhones by AcousticSheep for listening to recordings throughout the night. They are a thin headband with speakers fitted so you can lie comfortably on them. Their SleepPhones are made of a heavier, fleecy material. The RunPhones are a lighter material and so as well as using them for listening to recordings throughout the night, we also use them for listening to recordings while walking, working, doing yoga, as well as running.
  • Another option for listening all night is to put the recorder/phone under your pillow. The sound comes through the pillow well and is practically inaudible to others.